Get Rid of DNSUnlocker Effectively – DNSUnlocker Removal Guide

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Troubles caused by DNSUnlocker

  • It injects its codes to your system and alters core settings which will make your system unstable.
  • Lots of unwanted commercial ads can keep haunting you.
  • These ads by DNSUnlocker may lead you to harmful sites and result in viruses or malware infection.
  • New toolbars or unknown programs are added to your system without your consent.
  • Your confidential information may be collected by it for marketing intention first and then sold to third party.
  • DNSUnlocker ads take up your system resources to make your PC move clumsier and clumsier.

More information about DNSUnlocker

DNSUnlocker is regarded as an adware which can bring you lots of unwanted ads after the infection. If you are seeing ads labeled as “Ads by DNSUnlocker”, “Ad by DNSUnlocker” or “DNSUnlocker ads” popping up on your screen, it means your computer has already been infected by the annoying DNSUnlocker adware program.


This program claims to uses its features for the supposedly beneficial purpose of letting its users change how their systems communicate with the Web, defusing router or firewall problems and detecting whether your PC is being compromised by a DNS-changing threat or not. But instead, it brings troubles.

Commonly, you may get DNSUnlocker through free downloads, corrupt websites, spam email attachments, malicious pop-ups, etc. After the infection, it may deliver you a ton of unwanted ads within Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera and Safari. You may notice that these ads try to entice you to click on and redirect you to specific websites. The ads can appear on nearly each page you are visiting with different contents.

With the lapse of time, your computer will result in poor performance, such as slow speed, unstable internet connection, high CPU usage, BSOD, etc. You should realize that the longer this program stays on your computer the more troubles it will make. Thus, timely removal of DNSUnlocker is the best way to have a normal computer operation back.

Instructions on DNSUnlocker removal

In order to get rid of DNSUnlocker effectively, you should end its related process, remove malicious browser extensions, and delete all the malicious files and registry entries. After finishing these steps, the adware can be removed thoroughly. Click to get more details on how to remove DNSUnlocker. – How to Effectively Remove It from Your PC?

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